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About Mensen met een Missie

What is the problem MM is working on?

Mensen met een Missie works worldwide to change beliefs that lead to discrimination, exclusion and violence. Beliefs that a man has more rights than a woman, that one religion contains more truth than the other, or that a man of a certain origin is worth more than the other. Beliefs like these and power imbalances are at the core of many conflicts. It leads to polarization and violence in many parts of the world.

What does Mensen met een Missie do?

We bring people together and facilitate and inspire dialogue, in places where people are on opposite sides. We give positive role models a platform, make people aware of the other side of the story and we support victims of violence. We make harmful beliefs open to discussion in order to eliminate mutual hatred and mistrust. We do this together with hundreds of collaborative partners in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Where does Mensen met een Missie work?

Mensen met een Missie has programs in fourteen countries; Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, DR Congo, India, Iraq, Philippines, Indonesia, Cameroon, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Uganda and South Sudan. Around here, we work in places where other people aren’t, or have left. We stay, to work on the core of a lot of problems: changing beliefs that lead to discrimination, exclusion and violence. In addition, we are also working in the Netherlands to prevent polarization.

Does Mensen met een Missie also work in the Netherlands?

Yes. Also in the Netherlands, polarization is increasing and people are opposing each other. We use our years of experience and expertise abroad to prevent escalation here as well.

Does Mensen met een Missie only work with Catholic organizations?

No, Mensen met een Missie works together with all people of good will – no matter what inspires them – who want to work for a world where people talk to each other instead of fighting. Our partners are about 60% Christian/Catholic, 40% has a different religion and 15% of them are Islamic, or are secular.

Does Mensen met een Missie strive to spread Christianity or Catholicism?

Not at all! Mensen met een Missie has Catholic roots; the organization was founded in 1931 to support Dutch missionaries. These days, our work has a completely different character. But our biggest motivation is still the belief that every person counts, no matter where you come from, if or what you believe, who you love or how much money you have.

Working method

How does Mensen met een Missie work?

Together with hundreds of highly committed partners, we run our programs in 14 countries . Our collaborative partners are community and religious leaders, small local organizations and young people with passion and endless perseverance. People who are committed to change and have a vision for the future of their community.

Who is your target audience?

We believe that real change comes from the bottom up. That’s why we support people working at the grassroots level, in -often remote- villages and communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

How does Mensen met een Missie ensure equality in partnerships (equitable partnerships)?

We strive for equal power (power sharing) in our partnerships. We make decisions about the funds to be spent in consultation with our partners and the target group [participatory grantmaking]. We are transparent in our communication and appreciate (value) feedback from our partners: we believe that power sharing benefits the people we support. Our partners play an important role in this; they are actively involved in making decisions because they know best what our target group needs.


How does Mensen met een Missie get money?

We are very happy with the support of more than 10,000 private donors, about a hundred orders and congregations, the Dutch government, foundations and funds.

How are funds spent?

For an overview of exact expenditures, please refer to the 2021 annual financial statements. This contains the income and expenses of the CMC Foundation (the statutory name of Mensen met een Missie) and a number of foundations that were set up in the past by Mensen met een Missie for a specific purpose.

What percentage of the money does Mensen met een Missie spend on programs?

Our goal is to ensure that most of our funds reach the people we want to support. Every year, we aim to spend at least 75% of our revenue on our goal. In 2021, 94% of our revenue was spent directly on our goal.

Why is it important that I support Mensen met een Missie?

With your contribution, we can tell women in Bolivia, for example, that it is not normal for your husband to beat you. And with your contribution, we can assist discriminated and disadvantaged indigenous peoples in Colombia to claim their rights, and we can help traumatized men and women in South Sudan regain confidence in themselves and their communities. So your support is very much needed.


Who works at Mensen met een Missie?

Mensen met een Missie is a fundraising organization and consists of a Supervisory Board, an Executive Director and employees. Our employees are experts with expertise and experience in a particular field.

Can I work at Mensen met een Missie?

Information about job opportunities, including internships can be found on our careers page. We strive for inclusiveness and diversity in our staff. The working language in our office is English and Dutch.

What is the CMC Foundation [Stichting CMC]?

The CMC Foundation is the statutory name of Mensen met een missie. If you donate to Mensen met een Missie via iDeal you will see the CMC Foundation at the top of the donation page. You may also see “CMC Foundation” or “Stichting CMC – Mensen met een Missie” in other communcations when it comes to Mensen met een Missie.

What about good governance and accountability?

Mensen met een Missie consists of a Supervisory Board, an Executive Director and employees. The Supervisory Board oversees Management’s policies and the day-to-day operations of the foundation. All members are independent and meet the criteria set out in our articles of association. We have a risk and sanction policy that applies to all partner organizations we work with.

What certifications does Mensen met een Missie have?

We meet the requirements of the Code of Good Governance for Charities. Since 2004, we have had the Dutch CBF seal of approval for fundraising organizations that are engaged in raising and spending money for charity in a responsible manner. Since July 1, 2016, we have also met the applicable standards of the CBF’s Recognition Scheme for charities. We are also recognized as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).This means that we are exempt from gift and inheritance tax by the tax authorities.

How does Mensen met een Missie handle privacy?

Mensen met een Missie handles personal data with the utmost care. We work in accordance with the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will only use this information to inform you about our activities, projects and products. If you do not want this, please let us know via the contact page. Read more about our privacy policy.


How can I contact Mensen met een Missie?

You can do this by e-mail or by phone. Do you represent an organization, foundation or company and would like to know how you can support us? Please check out our “appeal page” or send an e-mail to our partnerships manager Vien Sawor directly via For all other questions and comments, please contact us via our contactpage.

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