As long as there is hatred and violence, Mensen met een Missie is committed to changing beliefs that lead to discrimination, exclusion and violence across the globe. Your organisation can help us create a violence-free world for people who are excluded because of their religion, oppressed because they are women or discriminated against because of their ethnicity. Together we can have an even greater impact. We believe in the power of collaborating with organisations that share our vision of a world without hatred and violence. Organisations that, like us, are committed to tackling the core of the problem: changing harmful convictions that lead to hatred and violence.

Partnering with Mensen met een Missie means you are working towards:

Less polarisation

We believe that violence stops when people start talking. We know how to challenge harmful beliefs and promote peace and reconciliation: by listening and offering another point of view. By telling an alternative story that connects people. You or your organisation can help us to convert harmful beliefs about religion, gender and ethnicity into powerful connections that will outlast hate.

Sustainable and bottom-up change

We believe that positive, lasting change starts bottom-up. Our local partners truly are people with a mission: community leaders, religious leaders, local organisations and young people with passion and boundless commitment. Your -financial- contribution is directly put to use within communities and by the people in Africa, Asia and Latin America who suffer daily from hatred and violence.

Equality regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity

Our programmes include a special focus on equality between men and women, the emancipation of women and girls, and the involvement of young people as change makers in peace-building processes. We therefore focus on strengthening the position of women and youth in decision-making processes. We also address the core of the problem: harmful religious views that have a negative impact on the position and treatment of women and girls and marginalised ethnic and religious communities.

GHR and MMM set out to reimagine what is possible when communities lead the way. An inspiring collaboration between MM and local partners along the Kenya Coast resulted in co-creation of the ‘Connecting the Dots’ program in Tana River Kenya, which established principles for cooperation and trust built and has contributed to a peaceful pre-and post-2022 presidential election period and transition of power.
Mary Dalsin Program Officer, GHR

Current partnerships we are proud of

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Hofstee Foundation

Ask Vien all your questions about partnership opportunities

Vien Sawor

Partnership manager

If you wish to explore the possibilities of working together in a more durable way, please contact Vien Sawor, partnership manager. Together we can look at the best way you or your organisation can contribute to the work of courageous people worldwide.