Dit zijn onze mensen met een missie


About powerful people who stand up for their rights,
shake hands with the enemy or face their traumas.

Far away but always near

Far away but always near It is affecting us all. Around the globe. COVID19. To prevent further escalation we need… Lees verder


Freedom of Religion or Belief

The program for Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia, Kenya and Pakistan was started by Mensen met een Missie… Lees verder


‘You don’t shoot a friend’

In Tapac (northeast Uganda) in the past decade hundreds of people were killed as a result of intertribal conflicts. Peace and security are sorely needed in this rough and vulnerable region.


No longer afraid of your husband

Violence against women is a widespread problem in Bolivia. Seven in ten women are a victim of violence. We support an initiative called ‘Somos Sur’ that informs women through radio programmes and blogs about prevention of violence and seeking help if they are victimized.