Complaints and integrity

Complaints about our services, your data or our communications

Mensen met een Missie has established a complaints procedure by which we ensure that your complaint is taken seriously. After receipt of your complaint (you can always send it via your complaint will be passed on to the person or department concerned. You will receive a response within 10 working days.
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint, you can indicate this by sending a direct email to the director of Mensen met een Missie (this can be done via Your complaint will then be taken up by the Director and the Mensen met een Missie management team. Of course you can also call us directly on 070 – 21 99 600.

Integrity Notifications

Integrity is crucial for the work of Mensen met een Missie as well as for us as an organisation. That is why we strive with our employees to meet the highest standards of integrity. We have a clear integrity policy for this, including a code of conduct. We also pay regular attention to integrity issues, in order to critically monitor ourselves for blind spots.
If you have complaints about integrity issues, abuses or inappropriate behaviour, we hope that you will report this. For this we have an external confidential advisor who you can reach via the following email address: The confidential adviser will advise you on further steps to be taken and provide the necessary guidance.

Integrity Policy

Mensen met een Missie has an integrity policy. Faith, perseverance, human dignity and solidarity are our core values. These values require reliable, honest and careful action. It forms the basis of our integrity policy. The integrity policy is endorsed by every employee. We also ask our partners to support and follow the policy.