Mensen met een Missie werkt samen met Eydis aan het versterken van de positie van Colombiaanse vrouwen. Vrouwen die nog steeds veel te maken hebben met seksueel geweld, onderdrukking en gedwongen arbeid.

Eydis geeft scholing op het gebied van geweld tegen vrouwen en is onderdeel van de eerste onafhankelijke politieke vrouwenpartij van Colombia, Estamos Listas. In Medellin waren we bij een bijeenkomst van deze partij aanwezig.

Op reporter Stephanie maakte deze bijeenkomst veel indruk:

Stephanie: “Family, friends and curious passerbys stick their head through the window when they hear powerful voices coming from inside. We’re attending a small townhall meeting for Medellin’s (and Colombia’s!) first political party for women.

Estamos Listas – We Are Ready – is the name of the party, and ready they are. Ready to prove that their social, political, cultural and organizational leadership is indispensable for a democracy. Ready to defend the right to life in a safe and sustainable city that eradicates social inequalities and protects all people.

“While my Spanish isn’t sufficient to understand all that they’re saying, the women speaking invoke emotion. You can tell they’re coming from experience, that their fierce passion is born from an intense pain.

Sexual abuse and violence against women and children is rampant, especially within families. More than 53.000 cases are reported every year, even more go unreported and only a tiny percentage actually gets prosecuted.

That lack of prosecution touches on one of the major problems in Colombia. The country has some of the best laws and governmental plans in the world, if only they’d be implemented.


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