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08 July 2024

The first Women of Faith Conference initiates significant dialogue

African Union to collaborate with female religious Leaders From June 10 to 15, the first edition of the Women of Faith Conference took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This groundbreaking event brought together LEES ARTIKEL >

06 June 2024

Historic Women of Faith Conference connects female religious leaders to policymakers in Africa 

In a groundbreaking initiative to promote gender equality and freedom of religion and belief across Africa, Mensen met een Missie, the African Council of Religious Leaders, and the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya are LEES ARTIKEL >

23 April 2024

Case Study: Peacebuilding in Northern Cameroon

Bridging Divides through Interreligious Peace Committees In Northern Cameroon, the armed conflict involving Boko Haram and the resulting intercommunity tensions have deeply scarred the region, necessitating innovative approaches to peacebuilding. This case study LEES ARTIKEL >

16 April 2024

Case Study: Peacebuilding in South Sudan

Empowering Communities through Savings and Loan Groups South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, has been plagued by a brutal civil war that has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and displaced millions LEES ARTIKEL >

10 April 2024

Case Study: Deradicalization of youth in Kenya

The power of community-based approaches in peacebuilding Kenya, known for its vibrant culture and significant economic strides, faces systemic issues such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of education contribute to a cycle of LEES ARTIKEL >

10 April 2024

Case Study: Peacebuilding Efforts on the Philippine Island of Mindanao

How we address deep-seeded prejudices and intergenerational trauma In the heart of the Philippines lies Mindanao, an island marked by a long history of conflict and a rich cultural tapestry. This region has LEES ARTIKEL >

08 April 2024

Empowering Communities: Our Journey in Peacebuilding 

In a world rife with conflicts and divisions, the quest for peace remains a paramount yet challenging goal. Mensen met een Missie has been at the forefront of peacebuilding efforts, working tirelessly to LEES ARTIKEL >

03 April 2024

Navigating Change

Our Path to Peace and Equality  At Mensen met een Missie, we are committed to transforming harmful beliefs that lead to discrimination, exclusion, and violence. In order to know how to do this LEES ARTIKEL >

13 November 2023

#CeasefireNow: Open Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel

Mensen met een Missie is supporting #CeasefireNow, an open call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and further loss of innocent lives. Sign and LEES ARTIKEL >