Stories from Africa, Asia and Latin-America

About powerful people who fight for their rights, shake their enemies hands or looking to heal their trauma.

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Celebration of kick-off interreligious JISRA consortium

June 3rd – Together with more than 100 participants, today we celebrated the official kick-off of The Joint Initiative on… Read more


Behavioural Insights in Peacebuilding

Working on peace and reconciliation is to focus on behavioural change. Human behaviour is very interesting, but also very complex,… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Youth embark on an online journey for interfaith peace

Over the past decade, religious-based violence and discrimination against religious minorities has increased significantly. Throughout the world, there is a… Read more

Corona crisis

Colombian social leaders dialogue with international actors

In the webinar “COVID-19 and peacebuilding: leaders of the Colombian Pacific tell us”, social leaders enter into a dialogue with… Read more

Corona crisis

Report: The role of social leaders in Colombia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mensen met een Missie publishes the report ‘Red Flag’, which illustrates the challenges that Afro-Colombian and indigenous (female) social leaders… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

How Kenya is moving towards less police violence and more cooperation

Discrimination and violence by the police is a daily occurrence in Kenya. There is a strong sense of distrust between… Read more

Women´s rights

Working with women on peace and security in DR Congo and Burundi

The Hague, May 29, 2020 – Mensen met een Missie has been invited to develop a programme with the Ministry… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

When you’re not the only one who suffers

She felt hatred like nobody else could. Or so she thought. At the Mosintuwu women’s school (Sulawesi, Indonesia), Muslim woman… Read more


Do the unexpected: connect

Exclusion lies at the root of any conflict. Small and big. This applies to the United States as well. The… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Dutch government explores cooperation with interfaith alliance

The Hague, 29th of May 2020 – The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the policy framework Power of Voices,… Read more

Corona crisis

The COVID-19 crisis requires national ánd international solidarity

50 development, human rights and emergency organizations, including Mensen met een Missie, make an appeal to the Dutch government for… Read more

Corona crisis

Far away but always near

Far away but always near It is affecting us all. Around the globe. COVID19. To prevent further escalation we need… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

“There is more that unites us than separates us”

It’s early evening as we bump around in a taxi van through the old town of Mombasa, Kenya. We get… Read more

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Expert Meeting Religion, Peace and Justice

Religion experts: “Cooperation around religion necessary for international cooperation and effective foreign policy” The Hague, May 28th 2019 – On… Read more