“People who feel personally responsible to take on a role, I consider them the real leaders. People whose work is rooted in inspiration and enthusiasm.” It is commendable that Mensen met een Missie reaches out to support these people.”

Last year, the Advisory Committee on Missionary Activities (AMA-committee), which is part of Mensen met een Missie, focused on the subject of religious leadership as a central theme. At the end of September, the AMA-committee held its annual meeting for representatives of religious orders and congregations.

Father Charles Eba’a CSSp

“A new model of religious leadership is defined as agile leadership. Some circumstances require you to act as a whistleblower, some as a water carrier and others as a fan who applauds others.”

An inspiring day

Nearly eighty attendees listened to three lectures on the theme of “Religious Leadership” at Kloosterhotel ZIN in the Dutch city Vught, which was followed by fruitful discussions. We look back on an inspiring day.

In 2018, the AMA committee reflected on the theme of religious leadership and developed a workbook. This book contains concrete tools for employees to encourage religious leaders in playing a more prominent and positive role in the Mensen met een Missie programs. After the opening speech, chairman of the AMA-committee, Mariëlle Beusmans presented this workbook to Mensen met een Missie director Rick van der Woud, Sister Lies Alkemade and Father Charles Eba’a.

Participants listen to the inspiring story of Nienke Vierstra, director of the Mensen met een Missie program related to Anti-trafficking in Indonesia. “The cooperation between Sisters and civil society organizations is a strong asset in our strategy against human trafficking in Indonesia.”

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