During the past decades South Sudan has been in a permanent state of war. In spite of the great expectations after the independence in 2011, a new conflict broke out in 2013. The population has been severely affected by extremely cruel military interventions and gross violations of human rights. The war has had serious consequences for the relations between people in relationships, families and local communities. Local conflicts, domestic violence, broken relationships and alcohol abuse are only some of the more concrete consequences of the traumatic experiences that people have had to endure.

Our approach

Dealing with traumatic experiences is the first step on the road to peace and reconciliation on a local level. Community sessions, with singing and dancing for instance, contribute to the healing process of both the individual and the community. In addition, victims of severe trauma receive psychosocial help on an individual basis.


First of all our efforts have led to the acceptance of psychosocial aid, not a matter of course in the South Sudanese context. Every year 6895 people are instructed on the effects of individual aid in dealing with trauma, 1318 people get support in dealing with trauma and 124 people are trained as counsellors for the victims. This enables thousands of people to get back to their lives, gain an independent income and renew the ties with their family.

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