The Philippines are famous for their fabulous beaches, rice paddies and karaoke bars. But there is also a dark side to the country. Many Filipinos live and work under miserable conditions and their human rights are violated time and again. Poor country dwellers migrate to the cities in large numbers in hope of a better existence, but there they become structural victims of serious exploitation by employers.

Our approach

Mensen met een Missie focusses on supporting, training and strengthening marginalised groups (labourers, small fishermen, migrants). Raising awareness about rights – e.g. minimum wage, social security and contracts – forms an essential part of our activities. But also vocational education is given, as well as training in finances, marketing and legal matters.


As a result of training 1.489 workers have raised their family incomes and 2.422 workers receive support in the protection of their rights. On a yearly basis we reach almost 30.000 people through activities and thousands of others through media use. Furthermore, the network of human rights defenders has grown with an extra 290 people.

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