For many people, the Philippines is known for its pristine beaches, rice paddies and karaoke bars. However, the most southern island of the Philippines – Mindanao – has experienced over four decades of conflicts.

Communist-inspired insurgency, Bangsamoro separist struggles and the repressive state response have all contributed to a spiral of mistrust and violence.

Mindanao Island. 

Our approach

In Mindanao, Mensen met een Missie works towards interreligious tolerance and conflict transformation. Together with our local partners we build bridges and break down mistrust between the three main groups (tri-people): indigenous peoples (Lumads), the Muslim population (Moro) and the Christian migrants.

We operate in communities where fighting and marginalisation have disrupted the daily lives of its members. In the aftermath of the Marawi siege for example, where people are slowly trying to rebuild their lives, but where fear remains.

Our goal is to contribute to a peaceful inclusive Mindanao through nurturing tri-peoples dialogue and cooperation and by fostering Lumad cultural integrity and lived dignity.

The Lumad, the indigenous people of the Philippines.


Our efforts have reached a total of 14.302 people. We have facilitated and nurtured 757 people to build intergroup contacts. In total 559 Lumads, 6.790 women and 205 religious leaders were involved in our efforts for a peaceful Mindanao.


Our local partner Mindanao Tri-People Women Resource Center (MTWRC) strengthens the role of tri-people women towards peace and development.

Through community immersions, trainings and facilitating women leaders, MTWRC has created increased respect, cooperation and support between women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.
MTWRC has engaged 25 women leaders and 280 women from 7 different target areas.



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