In Pakistan the political and social influence of extremist Islamic groups has increased in recent decades. Violence, discrimination and injustice towards religious minorities are on the rise. The Pakistani government gives hardly any support to the victims.

Our approach

In the province of Punjab Mensen met een Missie is working for a more peaceful and inclusive society with better mutual understanding and more respect among Muslims, Christians and Hindus. We urge the government to offer protection under law to religious minorities and women. We also aim to increase the chances of girls and women to play an active role in society. During interreligious gatherings in villages and neighbourhoods the importance of religious tolerance is stressed. The rights of religious minorities are protected by means of legal aid to victims, grassroots level education about rights, lobby activities and publicity campaigns. The position of women is boosted by founding local women’s groups.


These past years approximately 5000 women have been organised in 150 local women’s groups. They are now more aware of the causes and consequences of gender related violence and of the existence of protective laws and government facilities. The self-image, self-confidence and assertiveness of many women has improved. Victims are urged to file complaints of violations of rights and violence by police or authorities. We have built contacts with politicians, policy makers, police officers, lawyers and judges and we engage in a critical dialogue with them to encourage action against human rights violations. By means of publicity campaigns we contribute to the public debate and the critical awareness of the rights of religious minorities and women in Pakistan.

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