Kenia is seriously on its way to become a middle-income country. But at the same time almost a quarter of the population lives in dire poverty, and their numbers are increasing. Economic rewards are unequally divided and the weak groups in society pay the price. Women, young people and refugees in particular are at a disadvantage. Hardly any social services exist. Where do you go as a teenage mother or a poor, old woman?

Our approach

Mensen met een Missie is working to create opportunities for women, youth and refugees to rebuild their own existence. We help train teenage mothers in the slums of Kibera, lend refugees a helping hand and encourage rural women to earn independent incomes. The spread of HIV/aids is countered by counselling and educating women. Women in Nakuru get the chance to do vocational training.


With our so-called solidarity groups we reach out to 4.035 people every year, plus about 300 persons extra by indirect ways. Refugees, women and young people of different backgrounds support each other financially. Thanks to the solidarity groups these vulnerable people give lasting support to each other and live together peacefully. An added advantage is that their self-esteem improves considerably because they achieve independence through their own incomes. Moreover, women are better able to deal with such issues as HIV-aids and develop resilience. Pastoral visits to hospitals take place. Every year 26 sick people receive a call and we support them with food.


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Dit is wat ons uniek maakt



We werken in gemeenschappen en dorpen, omdat we geloven dat echte verandering van onderop komt.


Wij geloven dat dialoog helpt, juist op plekken waar mensen elkaar het licht in de ogen niet gunnen.


We geloven in de sociale en verbindende kracht van religie. Voor ons is religie onderdeel van de oplossing.