Every year thousands of women from Indonesia are trafficked to Malaysia, Taiwan and the Middle-East among other places. There they are forced to work in the sex industry. Local government is not effective in the development of adequate strategies against trade in women. The perpetrators are rarely identified or brought to justice and the victims receive almost no support.

Our approach

Mensen met een Missie wants to raise awareness about traffic in women. We focus on the most vulnerable groups. We offer support for the victims of traffic in women and ask local authorities to take their responsibility.


Together with local people we reach out to thousands of people in the most remote regions of Indonesia. These people now know how they can detect and prevent the practice of human trafficking. Thanks to the psychosocial support of professionals hundreds of people have been able to resume their lives. We have also succeed in activating local authorities (police, village headmen etc.) in the fight against the traffic in women.

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