In spite of constitutional guarantees the rights of millions of Dalits and Adivasi in India are not adequately protected. Often they fall victim to violence and intimidation by members of the higher castes. Government services such as the police tend to ignore them. Furthermore, the Dalits and Adivasi are insufficiently aware of their rights and lack the skills to claim them.

Our approach

Mensen met een Missie focusses on awareness raising among both Dalits and Adivasi to make them see themselves as equal citizens and encourage them to stand up for their rights. In this manner people are trained to become local leaders representing the interests of the Dalits and the Adivasi in the political arena. But we also target local authorities such as police officers and lawyers to raise their awareness of the problems of the Dalits and the Adivasi and to be of service to them without prejudice. In this context the deployment of para legal fieldworkers, supporting the Dalits and the Adivasi in practical ways, is of the essence.


The past years 300 para judicial fieldworkers have been trained in knowledge and skills concerning the rights of the Dalits and the Adivasi. They have successfully mediated in hundreds of conflicts concerning matters such as cruelty against Dalits, women in particular, sexual intimidation, domestic violence and forced marriages. The self-confidence of the Dalits and the Adivasi has increased, they regularly visit government offices to claim their rights.

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