Growing up in Guatemala means coping with poverty and violence. In general young people of native background have no access to education, health care, work and political decision-making. They have little prospect of a decent and dignified future. Joining a criminal gang often seems the only option for survival.

Young people are the future. But what is the future for young people?

Our approach

Mensen met een Missie aims at complete participation of native young people in society, and wants to give them the opportunity to determine their own future. We try to achieve this through education and training. We also work for the establishment and strengthening of youth networks and organisations and we encourage political participation by young people. The use of alternative media enables them to discuss important issues.


In the six states where we are active at least 150 youth leaders have been educated and trained. These young people have established or reinvigorated groups in at least 125 different communities. In Quetzaltenango, San Marco and Santa Rosa there is a lively cooperation with the youth ministry which has resulted in reaching another 50 groups. Thanks to vocational training the first small companies run by young people have appeared on the market. In the youth councils they work with their own share of government funding for the benefit of youth projects in the community.

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