In recent decades the population of East Congo has not known lasting peace. Again and again rebel movements arise. The Congolese army regularly abuses the population. Moreover, the authorities are unreliable and uncapable to deal properly with services such as education and health care. Courts of law are often corrupt and biased. Women in particular suffer violence and unrest. They work from morning till night to make ends meet for their families and are often victims of domestic violence or rape. Between ethnic groups in the eastern provinces of North and South Kivu there are many tensions, fuelled by manipulative power-hungry politicians.

Our approach

In order to achieve sustainable change Mensen met een Missie works to strengthen mutual trust between communities and to improve local governance. We also try to bring about peaceful resolution of all conflicts (land, inheritance, etc.) through mediation. We pay special attention to changes in norms and values between men and women, and to strengthening female leadership.

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Mensen met een Missie’s years of investment in eastern Congo are bearing fruit. Through the training of mediators and para lawyers many conflicts get solved, improving social cohesion. Due to the foundation of the so-called ‘Local Committees for Good Governance’ the local population is better able to express its wishes to the local authorities and extract decent policies. As a result of the reinforcement of women’s groups and female leadership abuses such as disinheritance of women are less prevalent. That gives hope!

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