Cameroon is a beautiful country with enormous economic potential. However, almost half of the population lives below the poverty line. The country has a stable but suffocating political system in which outdated, authoritarian structures obstruct lasting social development. Disinheritance of women and exclusion of young people are two prominent consequences of corruption in Cameroon.

Our approach

In Cameroon Mensen met een Missie aims at raising awareness about the urgency of the situation concerning disinheritance of women, and at the establishment of pressure groups in support of the victims. These groups are receive training in nonviolent communication and dialogue. Furthermore we dedicate ourselves to the political participation of young people, enabling them to enforce transparency and accountability of the local authorities.


Our handling of the BIP (Budget d’Investissements Publiques) has created more transparency in the local government’s budget and spending. The strengthening of young people is very noticeable in the democracy on a local level. They are more involved in the local budgets and in the themes that concern them.

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