Since independence in 1962 the history of Burundi has been full of violent ethnic and political conflicts. Although a peace agreement was reached in 2000, the peace remains fragile. The lack of an honest and accessible judicial system is the reason why crimes, human rights violations and violence remain unpunished. Conflicts are not solved and lie dormant: ‘revenge’ causes a vicious circle of violence and more violence.

Our approach

Peace only holds when potential conflicts are nipped in the bud. That is why Mensen met een Missie is involved in the training of para lawyers and mediators who can intervene directly in smaller conflicts. Common conflicts over such issues as land or inheritance are resolved without the intervention of a court. Apart from that local committees of good governance are founded to call local authorities to account over their receipts and expenditure.


The training of para lawyers is an affordable alternative for the expensive and prejudiced system of law. It has also provided young people and women with access to honest ways of conflict resolution. The committees of good governance have achieved a decrease in violations of civil rights and in corruption on a local level.

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