7 out of 10 women in Bolivia face physical, sexual or psychological violence during their lives, mainly in the domestic sphere. Every three days, a woman is murdered, the highest rate of femicide in South America. Together with our local partners, Mensen met een Missie counters violence against women and promotes gender equality. We address the underlying social and cultural norms and religious beliefs that perpetuate the normalisation of violence, and we influence harmful practices and policies.


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Violence against women

Violence against women is deeply ingrained in the Bolivian culture. Widespread machismo and the patriarchal system result in the inferior status of women and women are even seen as property by some men. Having grown up in violent homes themselves, women (and men) find it normal if the violence repeats itself within their marriages. Bolivian men learn from an early age to not be vulnerable. They have to live up to this stereotype, so they dare not ask for help if they need it. As mothers, women pass on these macho expectations to their children.

Many women are not aware of their rights or are faced with impunity of their perpetrators. Unequal power relations between men and women are maintained by society, in schools, churches, politics and the media. The vast majority of the Bolivian population is religious. Most people combine their Christian faith with indigenous cultural rituals. Religion is used by some to legitimise gender inequality, but religion is also an important source of connection, hope and inspiration for many Bolivians to work to change these norms.

Many women are not aware of their rights or are faced with impunity of the perpetrators

Our response

We, along with our 11 local partners, are committed to reducing violence against women and achieving gender equality. In order to change the patriarchal system and machismo beliefs, both women and men are involved in our projects. We do this from a faith-based perspective as religion plays an enormous role in the daily life of Bolivians. We do this through:

Breaking the silence and challenging norms 
We break taboos around violence to prevent exclusion, inequality and discrimination. We train women and youth to be ambassadors against violence and we engage men to promote non-violent masculinity. We also provide training to specific ‘typically male’ sectors, like the transport sector, and within local communities to promote gender equality.

Support for victims
We support victims of violence through providing guidance, legal advice and psychological support. Most women do not know their rights and do not know where to go when facing violence. Through radio, social media and community meetings, we inform people about violence against women and how to take action.

Influencing policy and improved government response  
Bolivian Law guarantees women a life free from violence, however, the implementation of the law at local level is lacking. Violence against women has even increased in recent years. We are working to connect and strengthen government officials through lobbying and training to help implement the law and improve their services to victims.

Through radio, social media and community meetings, we inform people about violence against women and how to take action


Thanks to the help I received, I survived a period of violence. I now live in freedom again, and I feel stronger than ever. – Ninfa Cáceres


Together with our local partners, Mensen met een Missie has managed to:

  • Engage and enable over 800 men to promote gender equality
  • Increase awareness on gender equality and women’s rights among women and in specific sectors
  • Raise awareness on women’s rights through radio spots and on social media reaching 60.000 people indirectly
  • Increase leadership among nearly 200 women and youth to be spokespersons and ambassadors against violence
  • Support over 300 victims of violence, both legally and psychologically
  • Improve the commitment and response of government officials in cases of violence and in the implementation of relevant laws by training 120 officials

We provide a safe space where “sisters” support each other. 

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