Burundi is a country torn by a history of violent conflict between the two main ethnic groups (Hutu and Tutsi).

Long term goal of the BBB programme:

By 2021 the root causes of armed conflict and instability in Burundi are significantly reduced. Youth and communities most at risk of being affected by or engaging in violent conflict are equipped to embrace peaceful coexistence.

Specific objectives:

  • Youth (M/F) from diverse political and ethnic backgrounds have improved social and economic resilience, and have the capacity to mitigate and address conflict in a peaceful manner.
  • Local administrative authorities, civil societies, and citizens live and witness an improved social contract through active participation and downward accountability.
  • Burundians make extensive use of informal justice systems at the local level and take part in transitional justice (to deal with the wounds of the past).

Project locations : 15 communities in 6 provinces : Cibitoke, Makamba, Rutana, Kirundo and Bujumbara Mairie.

Consortium : The BBB consortium is comprised of Help a Child (lead), Cord, American Friends Service Committee and Mensen met een Missie.

Partner organisations: Help a Child (Geste Humanitaire, Centre Ubuntu); AFSC (Thars, Biraturaba, Kaz’O’Zah Keza, ALM, Dynasco), Mensen met een Missie (CEJP -Episcopal Commission for Justice & Peace).

The BBB programme was funded by the Dutch Foreign Ministry in 2016 through the Adressing Root Causes (ARC) programme, with the aim to address the root causes of armed conflict, instability and irregular migration.

CEJP was involved in five of the six provinces (not in Bujumbura Mairie) through respective Diocesan Justice & Peace Committees.

Overall results:

  • The BBB programme reached 10.511 women and 7.925 men in 15 communities in six provinces between 2017-2021. As a result 18.438 adults and youth joined in community structures and individual focal points to address root causes of fragility in Burundi. 94% of beneficiaries report that justice institutions have settled their disputes; 84% of beneficiaries report that the level of violent conflict reduced;
  • On good governance- social contract: 73% of beneficiaries reported meaningful participation in government consultation to respond to their needs. 216 local Committees for Good Governance were established and trained and raised awareness of 58.307 people;
  • On rule of law, access to justice: 130 mediators trained and 130 paralegals.

This programme has qualified as a finalist in the World Justice Challenge 2022. Click here for the press release.

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